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Superior Orthodontics Smile Aligners are a groundbreaking means to correcting your teeth and improving your smile.

Our clinical background of 10 years has allowed us to provide a superior smile aligner at a fraction of the cost of many competitors. Smile Aligners from Superior Orthodontics Lab can correct minor and major discrepancies and can be utilized in conjunction with traditional braces. By utilizing a series of clear, thin, pressure form plastic appliances, force can be applied to your teeth. By progressively repositioning the teeth on the digital model and forming each aligner to these new positions, the appliance is gradually moves your teeth. Careful crafting of a treatment plan prior to tooth movement ensures unnecessary round-tripping and will not occur. You can feel confident that your treatment plan is being crafted by an orthodontist!

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Impressions and Models

For Superior Orthodontics Lab Smile Aligners, we require high quality stone models or an STL file. Due to the precision fit of these appliances in relation to the entire arch, any discrepancies in the accuracy of the models will result in a compromised clinical fit. If impressions are poured in your office, they must be closely inspected before sending to the lab for fabrication. An option is to send impressions using a PVS material or special alginates such as Kromopan® or 100 hour Algimax and we will pour the working models.