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Digital Study Diagnostic Models and Reports

With the use of state-of-the-art 3D scanner and advanced software we will create a set of Digital Study Models, digitally correct the arch or arches and produce “before” and “after” Digital Models. The information provided during this process will be used to generate the following 3 reports per arch.

  1. Before Correction – screen shot taken of the “before” digital arch.
  1. Tooth Movement Summery – showing you the corrected arch, what teeth were moved and exactly how we moved them.
  1. Total IPR Report – Providing you with the ceiling number of tooth reduction.


Our 3D Rapid Prototyping Machine created 3D physical plastic models of the corrected and/or uncorrected arch or arches with your order.

The Digital Study Model and the Digital Reports will be placed in your folder in our Cloud Solution and you will receive an email letting you know they are ready for your review. This information will be archived for minimum of seven years at no cost and you will be able to access it from any computer at any location.